Getting The Pay You Deserve During The Pandemic Pt. 2

Avoid setting an anchor

It’s best to avoid discussing a specific amount until later in the hiring process. “Everything is going to be compared to the anchor that was set early on,”
Responding to early questions about starting pay by saying that you expect to be compensated at a level commensurate with your experience and skills.
If you’re forced to give a number, to aim within the range you found through your research. “Be aggressive and reasonable at the same time.”

Choose your words carefully

When an employer puts their initial offer on the table, it’s important to show your appreciation and be very careful with the next words you choose. Specifically, don’t use the words “but” or “however,” because it nullifies what you’ve just said. “What they’re hearing is you appreciate it, but you don’t appreciate it.”

Don’t ignore reality

The pandemic and related economic downturn are real. You should not try to ignore it or brush it aside if the employer brings it up during the negotiation. “If you go in there pretending everything is OK, then you lose a lot of credibility.
Once you acknowledge their concerns, it’s time to deploy more of your research to explain why times are tough for the company and how you can help them weather the proverbial storm.

To be continued….

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